Majestic Gateway Marimba

3 1/3 Octave w/Resonators



Gateway Series Marimba

​The Gateway modular system of mallet instruments makes performance quality instruments available to young percussionists. The wide graduated bars and extended range of the M5533D marimba make it a standout in this class. Optional resonators allow students to experience true, rich marimba sound and to refine the techniques of tone production. The additional bag set and exceptional light weight of the stand and frame make it a great portable performance instrument for pit orchestra or worship environments.

​Octave: 3 1/3
Range: A2 – C6
Bar: Paduk
Bar Sizes: 44 ~ 63 mm
Pitch: A = 442 Hz
Length: 164 cm
Width (low end): 80 cm
(high end): 45 cm
Height: 70 ~ 100 cm
Weight: 16.4 kg

• Extended range opens the door to a wider range of mallet instrument literature.
• Compact and lightweight design allows for easy storage and transport.
• Full size bars make for easy transition to full sized concert instruments.

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