Alto Professional 8 – Channel Gate / Compressor / Limiter

Original price was: €520.00.Current price is: €395.00.


The ACL8 delivers eight channels of crystal clear compression, brick wall limiting and inaudible noise gating for the most demanding connoisseurs Servo Balanced / Unbalanced inputs & Floating Balanced / Unbalanced Outputs. Side chain jack for spectral compression and separate side chain jack for gate processing on each channel. Link feature to slave all the channels to channel 1 settings. Housed in a steel chassis with an aluminum front panel, rugged construction to deliver high quality performances in the worst operating conditions!


Expander – Gate Section:

  • Threshold: Off to +20dB
  • Ratio/Range control: 1:1.2-1:8 +/- Threshold LEDs

Compressor Section:

  • Threshold: -40dB to +20dB
  • Ratio: 1:1 to 1:20
  • Attack & Release times: Auto / Manual
  • Hard / Soft knee transition curves
  • Meters: Gain Reduction & In / Out level
  • Peak Limiter Section:
  • Threshold: 0 to +22dBu
  • Activity LED
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 485 x 233 x 90mm (19.1″ x 9.2″ x 3.5″)
  • Weight: 5.2kg (11.5 lb)
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