Casio Celviano AP470 White



  • Upgraded Technology – Piano samples are now longer and have enhanced decay characteristics providing more realism and expression.
  • String Resonance – For a more natural acoustic.
  • Ebony and Ivory Key Textures – The keys have been remodelled to simulate the tactile feel of an acoustic piano.
  • Volume Sync EQ – Helps to provide a more balanced and clear sound at any volume.
  • Speaker System – 20W + 20W dual channel with an opening lid to assist the bass range and provide greater volume.
  • Headphone Mode- Creating a more natural sound for silent practice.
  • Chordana Play Piano App – to easily control the piano’s functions, learning new pieces, viewing PDFs of your music and available for iOS and Android

Other Key Features

  • Scaled Action – Supporting good technique by recreating the correct touch of an acoustic piano.
  • Line Out – For linking to PA systems so ideal for all venues such as schools and churches.
  • Hall Simulator – Calculated using actual measurements from authentic venues, the player can hear what it would be like if they were actually playing in that venue.
  • Concert Play Tracks – Using the sounds of a real orchestra, play along with your favourite orchestral recordings and develop your ensemble and sight-reading skills.
  • USB Audio – Record your compositions and performances in pure digital audio or perform with WAV file backing tracks.



  • Number of Keys: 88
  • Action: Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II
  • Key Finish: Simulated Ebony and Ivory Keys
  • Touch Sensitivity: 3 Sensitivity Levels, off
  • Sound Source: Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source
  • Maximum Polyphony: 256


  • Grand Piano:
  • Grand Piano 1: Concert, Mellow, Bright
  • Grand Piano 2: Concert, Mellow, Bright
  • Mellow Piano
  • Rock Piano
  • Jazz Piano


  • Electric Piano 1
  • Electric Piano 2
  • FM Electric Piano
  • 60’s Electric Piano
  • Harpsichord
  • Vibraphone
  • Strings 1
  • Strings 2
  • Pipe Organ
  • Jazz Organ
  • Electric Organ 1
  • Electric Organ 2
  • Bass
  • Layer / Split: Yes
  • Volume Sync Equalizer: Yes
  • Headphone Mode: Yes

Acoustic Simulator

  • Hammer Response: Yes
  • String Resonance: Yes (4 Levels)
  • Damper Resonance: Yes (4 Levels)
  • Damper Noise: Yes (On/Off)
  • Lid Simulator: Yes (4 Levels)
  • Key Off Simulator: Yes
  • Key Action Noise: Yes (On/Off)

Digital Effects

  • Hall Simulator: 4 types
  • Chrous: 4 types
  • Brilliance: Yes
  • DSP: Built into some tones


  • Concert Play: 10 songs (mode: Listen/Lesson/Play)
  • Music Library: 60 songs
  • Lesson Function: Part ON/OFF, Lesson Part Select: R / L
  • Song Expansion: 10 User Songs (max.) up to 90 KB/song

Audio Recording / Playback

  • Max. Songs: 99
  • Max. Time: 25 minutes / song.
  • USB Flash Drive: 44.1kHz Stereo WAV format

Other Functions

  • App Connectivity
  • Duet


  • Headphone / Phones Output: Stereo Standard Jack / Output x2
  • USB to Host: Yes
  • USB to Device: Yes
  • MIDI: Yes (Uses USB to Host port)
  • Pedals: Damper (half-damper pedal operation), Soft, Sostenuto
  • Half-Damper Pedal Operation: Continuous

Sound and Power

  • Speakers: (12cm x 2) and (4cm x 2)
  • Amplifiers: 20W + 20W
  • Power Requirements: AC Adapter: AD-E24250LW


  • Dimensions: 1417 x 427 x 861 mm
  • Weight: 43.4kg

Included Accessories: AC Adapter, music stand, score book.

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