Fender Acoustasonic 15 Acoustic Amplifier.


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Arguably one of the more popular amplifiers for acoustic musicians and travelling guitarists, the Acoustasonic range in general is a sheer stroke of masterpiece by Fender.
At a purely aesthetic level, it’s hard to deny that this amp doesn’t look amazing, It has that vintage vibe that sort of gives you a vintage Telecaster vibe, with the brown and wheat combined styling which give it that stripped-back, minimal look. Combined with that pastel brown on the control board and you’re dealing with a seriously cool looking amp.


As the amp is quite clearly on the smaller side with the 15 watt output, then you know you’re not dealing with a hefty amp to travel around with. And, if you’re looking for the type of amp to take on tours or on the road, then why would you want a 500 watt behemoth to just plug in and play anyway?

This is a solid state, portable amplifier, meaning that in simple terms it’s relying on modern tech to give yo a crisp output, and none of them old-school tubes you hear the purists (quite rightly) raving about.

It’s a 2-channel amp with both jack and XLR slots, which are mostly common used as one guitar and one mic input. This is why we immediately referred to the Acoustasonic 15 as the right type of amp for a busker as it’s just so simple to plug in and play.

In terms of the settings on the amp there’s a a volume knob for each channel, then a bass, middle, treble, and a very quirky chorus effect which will give you rhythm section a noticeable shimmer.

There’s one 6 inch woofer (or, speaker) set against a standard black grate with Fender branding. The colour is as previously described, or if you want a better comparison it looks a bit like a Worthers original!

What we really like about the Acoustasonic 15, other than everything we’ve already mentioned, is that it doesn’t over complicated things. It’s not priced excessively, and rightly so considering that what’s on offer is as straightforward and uncomplicated as it needs to be. Fender could’ve gone overboard with effects and added channels to try and appeal to everyone, but they haven’t, and its very refreshing.


Features Summary:

  • Weight: 4.7kg
  • Portable? Yes
  • Power: Mains / No battery option
  • No of channels: 2 (Jack & XLR)
  • Additional Effects: Chorus
  • Dimensions: 29x28x18
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