Fender Bubbler Analog Chorus And Vibrato Pedal



It’s a chorus pedal, but not as you know it! The Fender Bubbler Chorus and Vibrato Pedal oozes choice and style! Making a pedalboard staple new and innovative, Fender has done it again…

Straight off the bat, the ability to switch this analog chorus pedal between two speeds, slow and fast, enables you to dial in sounds suited to the style you’re playing and the desired impact of adding the effect. Not just a simple on/off pedal. On top of being able to switch between slow and fast chorus styles, you can also customize the rate and depth of each independently. Giving you two awesome chorus sounds in one pedal. That’s not all. The wave toggle switch adds the ability to switch between traditional Sine and Triangle waveforms.

There is a sensitivity control that adapts to your playing style too! Play smooth gentle licks and you’ll get chorus to match. Getting properly stuck in? The bubbler will intensify to match.

You’d think a pedal with this sort of functionality would have a premium price tag, but it in the grand scheme of things, it’s relatively affordable, well built and comes with the added satisfaction that it has been developed and crafted by one of the industry’s biggest names. Designed by Fenders in-house team, the Bubbler Chorus is an all-original Fender circuit and comes in a nice polished-style chassis with the added bonus of being able to control the LED functionality too. A superb piece of equipment and great addition to any rig.


Here’s what Fender say about the Bubbler Chorus

Chorus is a great way to add some dimension to your guitar tone—thick, wide and rolling, it’s been the foundation of many classic guitar sounds. The Bubbler Chorus breathes new life into this classic analog effect, offering new ways to shape your tone. Switchable Slow and Fast speeds with independent Rate and Depth controls let you dial in the perfect sound for your music, while the Wave toggle switch lets you select between traditional Sine and Triangle waveforms. The Sensitivity control allows modulation rate changes based on your playing dynamics—dig in and the intensity of the Bubbler increases.

Designed by our in-house team of experts, the Bubbler Chorus is an all-original Fender circuit. To ensure this pedal is performance-ready we let musicians kick it around, took their feedback to heart and refined it. The chassis is crafted from lightweight, durable anodized aluminium, and the Amp Jewel LED gives your pedalboard the classic Fender look. The LED-backlit knobs show your control settings on a dark stage at a glance.

Bring the Bubbler Chorus to your next gig or session and add the sound of an ultra-flexible, true analog chorus to your sonic toolbox.

  • Analog chorus pedal
  • Slow/Fast with independent Rate and Depth controls
  • Sine and Triangle waveforms
  • Dynamically responsive modulation rate
  • Stereo outputs
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