Fender Pickguard 13-Hole Modern-Style Standard Precision Bass®



13-HOLE MODERN-STYLE STANDARD PRECISION BASS® PICKGUARDS Pickguard, Precision Bass® 13-Hole Mount (No Truss Rod Notch), White Pearl, 4-Ply One of the easiest ways to change the look of your Fender instrument is to replace the pickguard. This pickguard fits American, American Standard, American Vintage, Standard and Deluxe series Precision Bass® models (does not fit five-string models). One of the really nice things about Fender® instruments is that you can change the look of your instrument with relative ease. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to replace the pickguard. Fender offers a variety of pickguards in different colors and materials to help you add a personal touch to your favorite Fender instrument. 13-Hole mounting pickguards with no notch to accommodate truss rod. Cut for single Precision Bass® pickup. No holes drilled for vintage-style thumb rest or pickup cover. Notes: Pickguards are not shielded. Fits American Series / Standard / Vintage (USA), Standard and Deluxe Series (Mexico) models. Will not fit 5-string Precision Bass®.

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