Fretwraps String Muters (I-Pack ) Black Medium



  • Perform and record clean lines without unwanted string noise..
  • Easy to use, no tools or special installation required..
  • Works for guitars, basses, and other stringed instruments..
  • Imported from USA.



FretWraps is a pro string dampener/muter that helps gets rid of
noise and overtones from string vibrations and harmonics,
instantly cleaning up the sound of the notes being played. Great
for two-handed tapping, slapping, and other techniques where you
may not always be able to mute with your hands, but also for
cleaner takes at the studio or live. The adjustable strap lets
you fine-tune the pressure and dampening of the strings. Quickly
slides over the headstock when not in use, and features all soft
materials that won’t damage your instrument. No special guitar
modification, installation, or tools required –

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