Gruv Gear SoloStrap Neo 2.5ins Wide Guitar Strap


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The new SoloStrap Neo was designed with one thing in mind: To be the most comfortable padded single guitar strap you’ll ever own! Comes in two widths: The 4.0 model (4″ wide) helps ease the weight of heavier instruments such as basses and solid-body guitars, while the 2.5 model (2.5″ wide) offers ample cushion for lighter instruments. Both models feature thick anti-fatigue, double-layered neoprene coupled with durable faux leather, with limited stretch to avoid that bothersome “bungee” bouncy effect.

Our quick and easy “Slide Lock” length adjustment system offers the widest length range, from 38″ to 50″, and all the way to 62″ for the XL models.

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