Intelli IMT-203 Chromatic Violin Tuner & Thermo-Hygrometer




  • Dedicated for Violin plus Chromatic dual tuner with a Thermo-Hygro meter. Recalabrates from A = 430-449Hz.
  • Internal microphone and external jack, Easy-to-read LCD tuning meter, 3 colored LED tuning guide, Non-volatile memory keeps all settings
  • Temperature range: -10C to +60C(14F-140F) – Tol:+ / -5 – Recording function saves the highest and lowest temperature and humidity.
  • Ultra long battery life – Built in stand for table top viewing – Recessed on/off button – Two year warranty – Compact and slim design
  • Intelli Quality.Automatically returns to the hygrometer
  • Relative humidity: 20 to 90. The most advanced tuning algorithm, + / -0.5 cents and quandra flat tuning.
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