Istanbul Mehmet Marching Band 16″ Hand Cymbals



  • Handheld Pair Of Marching Band Cymbals
  • Bright, Rich Sound With Short Release
  • Complete With Pads & Hand Straps
  • Hand Hammered B20 Bronze Alloy
  • Traditionally Hand Crafted In Istanbul, Turkey

The Istanbul Mehmet Marching Band 16″ Hand Cymbals are perfect for marching bands. The cymbals deliver a bright crash sound with varied overtones. The Marching Band Cymbals provide a short release for quick crashes and can be dulled via your hands for added control. The Marching Band Cymbals come complete with pads and hand straps for maximum comfort and accessibility. The cymbal itself is constructed from premium-grade B20 bronze alloy and hand-hammered to perfection for maximum tonality.
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