Mapex Tornado Boom Stand B200TND



Affordable, Double Braced Boom Stand

The Mapex B200-TND Tornado Boom Cymbal Stand is a great way to affordably add another cymbal to your kit setup or to upgrade from straight cymbal stands.

Often beginner drum kits may only include one straight cymbal stand. However, drummers typically have a set up that requires a straight stand for the crash cymbal and a more adjustable boom stand for the ride cymbal. Therefore, if you’re looking to improve your basic starter set up the Tornado boom stand is an ideal choice.

Having the option of a boom cymbal arm means you have much more adjustability enabling you to position cymbals at lower heights and at exactly the angle you want them.

The Mapex Tornado boom cymbal stand features double braced legs too.

  • Double Braced Legs
  • Multi-Tooth Cymbal Tilter
  • Adjustable Height and Boom Length
  • Lightweight and Strong Construction
  • Sleek Chrome Finish
  • 40cm Boom Arm Length
  • 6mm Thread
  • Max Height: 162cm
  • Min Height: 76cm


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