This power supply is light and pedalboard-friendly with ten fully isolated outputs ranging from 9V to 18V—including two variable 6V–15V outputs—and special noise-reduction circuitry for quiet operation.


This pedal can be powered by the included ECB009 18-volt adapter.


• 10 fully isolated outputs
• Quiet, noise-free operation
• Powers a wide range of pedal types—digital and analog, positive and negative ground
• Variable outputs can be used to emulate drained battery effect


• Included cables use industry standard 5.5mm x 2.1mm positive barrel, negative center polarity plugs.
• Each output features a blue LED. When lit, this LED indicates a good connection. If short-circuited or overloaded, this LED will turn off.
• The Iso-Brick Power Supply has six 9V outputs: two can handle 450mA, two can handle 300mA, mand two can handle 100mA.
• Two 18V outputs can handle 250mA each.
• Two variable 6V–15V outputs can handle 250mA each.

• All outputs may be used simultaneously for a total power output of 31.8 watts.
• Combining Outputs: Any output may be combined with any other output when stacked in series. If combining outputs in parallel, only outputs of the same voltage may be used together.
• The Iso-Brick Power Supply’s foldback current limiting circuit (FCLC) provides ultimate protection against power shorts and overloads. Even at full load, the Iso-Brick Power Supply operates coolly and quietly as a fully regulated power supply

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