Seiko DM100 Digital Metronome



The DM100 is a quartz metronome with Tap-In function. An LED display visually represents the tempo with successive flashing of the LED light. Metronome features adjustable tempo, a variety of beat patterns, and Tap-in function which allows the user to set the tempo

Other Features:


  • LCD display: successive lighting of 5 LED lights
  • twelve reference notes C4-B4
  • adjustable calibration (410-450 Hz)
  • tempo range: 30 – 250 bpm
  • tap-in function for setting the tempo
  • volume control
  • earphone jack for private listening
  • memory backup function: memory stores all previous settings after metronome is turned off
  • 1.5 V AAA battery included
  • dimensions: 10 (W) x 6 (H) x 1.9 (D) cm
  • weight: 90g (including batteries)
  • backslit attaches to music stand
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