Thomastik Dominant 135 Medium 4/4 Violin String Set



  • Limited Edition: Thomastik 135 Dominant Medium String Set (e ´ String with Ball and Steel Core) for 4/4 Violins with Nylon Core + Extra String of the New Generation e2 129SN Made of Carbon Steel with Removable Ball
  • – String steel core – aluminium wound | a and d string synthetic nylon core – aluminium wound | g string synthetic nylon core – silver wound | extra carbon steel medium with removable ball
  • These strings keep the tune in excellent climate conditions, the 129SN string fascinates with excellent sound. This set is also ideal for electric violins.
  • Great popularity of the dominant strings due to the similarity and relative, which they have in tone with intestinal strings, without suffering from their natural disadvantages.
  • Medium tension/medium voltage – suitable for beginners to the professional – very easy to play – also gives simple instruments a great sound.
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