Zildjian Z3 Trash Ride – Z30919


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Key Features

  • A special effect ride cymbal – perfect for adding accentuation
  • B20 Bronze alloy offers exceptional clarity
  • Medium-heavy weight achieves great power
  • Designed specifically for rock

DISC Zildjian Z3 19” Thrash Ride Overview

A special effect ride cymbal – perfect for adding accentuation. The Zildjian Z3 19” Thrash Ride achieves a new level of power and clarity while retaining an abundance of sensitivity and response. Delicious washy overtones and a sweet thrash sound give this ride a hot edge over other cymbals, whilst the large bell offers strong and defined sticking. It works perfectly as a crash too, with loud projection and a quick response that lends itself well to heavier styles of music. Producing warm tones and cutting volume, the Zildjian Z3 19” Thrash Ride is an ideal cymbal for rock.

Product Ref: 160120

Full Description

Zildjian Z3 Series

The Z3 line offers the ultimate mix of power, projection and playability for any rock setup. Made from the formidable Zildjian 80 percent copper and 20 percent tin cast-bronze alloy, these cymbals explode thanks to oversized bells, symmetrical hammering and large sizes. Optimal playability comes from a high level of flex that maximises playability as well as the sound quality of the cymbal.


  • Size: 19″
  • Weight: Medium
  • Finish: Brilliant
  • SKU: Z30919



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