Mapex B78 Boom Cymbal Holder with Counterweight



The Mapex B78 boom cymbal holder is the ideal way to add a cymbal to your set-up. Just attach it to one of your existing stands with a clamp, and the boom arm gives you the freedom to find the ideal position for your new cymbal. Plus, this B78 comes with a 2.2lb (1kg) counterweight, allowing the arm to hold even heavier cymbals!

It is equipped with an Omni-Ball tilter, so finding the right angle for the boom arm is a breeze. Furthermore, it comes with Mapex’ OS Cymbal Accentuators. These replacements for your cymbal felts allow your cymbals to move much more freely after you strike them, enhancing their resonance. Try it out, you’ll hear the difference.

Finally, the B78 has what Mapex calls a ‘hideaway arm’, which means that the knurled boom arm slides completely into the main pipe, allowing you to use it as a straight cymbal holder, and saving room during transport, for instance!

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