Zoom Digital Reverb & Multi Effects RFX-1100


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The RFX-1100 from Zoom is a reverb and multi-effects processor that is suitable for the studio, club, or live applications.

The unit features 121 types of preset reverb settings and 33 types of multi-effects patches in a one-rack space unit with intuitive front panel controls.


Reverb and multi-effects processor with simple, real-time operation
Selecting an effect type, changing a parameter or adjusting the balance between dry and wet-every operation is controlled quickly and intuitively with front-panel knobs
The combined XLR/phone connector on the front panel allows for using the unit as a stand-alone effect processor for vocals
Mic Simulator with condenser mic characteristics for recording vocals or acoustic instruments
By connecting a synthesizer to the rear-panel jacks, the microphone can control the vocoder effect
Six-voice stereo chorus for instruments, eight-stage stereo phaser, and flanger with adjustable bandwidth
Compressor/limiter provides control over input signal levels
Cabinet simulator for guitar amplifier sound
Perfect for transferring old sources, such as cassette tapes or records to digital media


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